Wednesday, October 6th  •  4:30 – 6:30 pm  •  Weather permitting

Join the talented writers and poets from The Fortune Society for a reading of original works at twilight.

Helen Taylor

Hilton N. Webb
Ryan “Blustone” Bennett
Nestor “Panama” Eversley
Becky Jane Dunham
Erobos Lamashtu AKO “E”
Becky Jane Dunham
Lionel “Doc” Limage
Marvin Wade Spiritual Activist
Allayah Cherry
Robert O’Connor
Gregory Pierce
Milton Jones
Roslyn Svendsen
Randy Bryant
With special guests from Re/Creation
Nahndi Chiumya
K. Michael Willams

Fortune believes in the power of people to change. The Long Island City-based non-profit organization helps individuals with justice involvement rebuild their lives through innovative services and advocacy. The Arts community at Fortune aligns itself with radical hope and believes in the healing and transformative powers of imagination and creativity. Learn more about the program at Art Portal.

Download We Are More Than a Label, a language matters zine created by Fortune community members in collaboration with designer Laura Cerón Melo and MoMA PS1. It is an appeal for people to learn more about the use of humanizing – person-first – language and suggests word choices when communicating about people affected by the (in)justice system.