Liene Bosquê

For her 2016 Emerging Artist Fellow Project, Liene Bosquê created Terracotta Impressions composed of a brick sculpture (4 x 6 x 16 feet) and socially engaged walks that reflect the complex relationship between the Long Island City and Astoria’s architectural history, urban landscape and its citizens. READ MORE>

Travis Boyer

“Lately I have been really focusing on collecting Selena prepaid phone cards from the 90’s; I like them as a sort of meta-currency,” artist Travis Boyer explains the ins-and-outs of his obsession with following Selena merchandise on eBay. READ MORE>

Andrew Brehm

“Ultimately, I decided I wanted a piece that was interactive with the park’s visitors but would blend into the landscape, almost be overlooked as a sculpture,” artist Andrew Brehm notes about his 2016 Emerging Artist Fellowship project titled AMAMML. READ MORE>

Lea Cetera

“Designers can start off with utopian ideals of designing a chair for mass use, and then somehow it gets to point where you can only be of a certain social status to ever know what it feels like to sit in an Eames chair, or a Breuer chair,” Cetera says… READ MORE>

Dachal Choi & Mathew Suen

“Something is coming,” Dachal Choi whispers ominously as she looks towards the East River from a bench on the edge of Socrates Sculpture Park. Together with her collaborator Mathew Suen, Choi has created AQ625: Site on the Move, now on view as part of the park’s annual Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition. READ MORE>

Onyedika Chuke

FMA: The Untitled Circa_2000’s, within The Forever Museum Archive (2011-Present), is a work that attempts to memorialize and create templates for architectural landscapes that reflect on the 2000’s era… READ MORE>

Dylan Gauthier

Drawing inspiration from Alexander Graham Bell’s tetrahedral kites and proto-flying machines, Dylan Gauthier’s 2016 Emerging Artist Fellowship project, Accidental Flight, considers both the literal and figurative connotations of flight, innovation, and the artist as inventor. READ MORE>

Dmitri Hertz

Hertz is interested in the utility di have in games. “[Di] are understood as random number generators, but when you or I play against a loaded pair, the randomness falls short even though the idea of equality is still present…” READ MORE>

Madeline Hollander

Madeline Hollander’s project, st, nd, rd, th, th, th…, is a departure from Socrates Sculpture Park’s traditional presentation of sculpture, objects, and installations by presenting performance as sculpture. READ MORE>

Olalekan Jeyifous

“My artwork is strongly rooted in ‘borrowed and invented narratives.’ More often than not they explore dystopian interventions into urban spaces and pastoral landscapes in ways that communicate their participation in, and alienation from a larger world,” Olalekan Jeyifous reflects. READ MORE>

Lia Lowenthal

Lowenthal builds upon our base understanding of a piano, but re-situates that with elements of a gothic cathedral. In doing so, she aims to investigate the social history of objects and represent those histories in an alternative way of interaction… READ MORE>

Galería Perdida

Opening up and leaving a wide “grey area” in terms of the public-to-art interaction and interpretation is Galería Perdida’s intention. The collective hopes the public acknowledges the semantics at play as much as the physical structure and form… READ MORE>

Sable Elyse Smith

Out-of-focus and glowing from within, the photograph has a dreamlike quality that is jarring in the context of public consumption, especially considering it’s deeply personal nature… READ MORE>

Elizabeth Tubergen

Apparition” is part staircase, part landscape, and seeks to create a transitional space meant to capture those moments of respite and mingling – spaces, she fears, are headed towards extinction in “Future Queens…” READ MORE>

Bryan Zanisnik

When Socrates Sculpture Park launched an open call to artists asking them to respond to its site and Queens community, Byran Zanisnik knew he wanted to focus on actor Christopher Walken… READ MORE>