The unity-rapport between people forest0fire fighting, or working together against flood or earthquake is one of the most beautiful parts of human nature. At Socrates Sculpture Park I have seen artists helping other artists, the community working to build a park out of a city dump-site, neighbors giving materials, money, space, or physical effort on a volunteer basis. This is one of the most powerful forces of city: constructive cooperation born directly out of a community. If New York City could multiply this type of thinking and action then New York could become beautiful and civilized. (paragraph break) In this sculpture park, this riverfront space with skyscraper horizon, sculptors have met the challenge of their dreams, open spaces and whatever materials we could afford to provide. Just as any expert crane operator works with the invisible poihnt we call center of gravity (and not the volume appearance) so too the real artits works with inner beauty in search for forms in dreamtime. Inner beauty is the true value of sculpture. People have it too: look around you at the people in your life, beyond the cosmetic external surface. Do you recognize those who have inner beauty?