People sweating, pounding nails, welding steel, digging ditches, collecting junk, begging on subways, and looking for a place to piss are facts of today’s life. Scraping along one day at a time to try to maintain some dignity in an oppressive society is disturbing. The stagnant structure of our downward transient society is part of the entrenched muck we are stuck in and has unconciously been the focus of my work. Small chunky welded steel banks, dripping noses, pissing pants, spitting faces, are some of the social realist forms of observation my art has recently taken.

The works’ declaration of indignity, pathos, and rage against the non-making of money, the homeless problems, favoritism of the few for the sacrifice of the many, and the needs and implosion of our vacuous society, compels me onward.