Lives in Barcelona, Spain. When I arrived at Socrates Sculpture Park I realized about my necessity of changing the initial project. I began to get the intuition about which could be the kind of piece that I should make for this impressive urban environment. The sky in new York is special, the light is clear and it can cut the shapes and make them powerful. An iron structure swings an organic double-faced shape (wooden face in front of the industral neighborhood, galvanized steel in front of the city landscape), appearing and disappearing depending on the light and its reflects, like a remembrance on one’s own mind. The memory of those days in Socrates Park is appearing and disappearing too, like the sculpture is, on my thinking. I would like to thank sincerely Enrico for his help and patience and Mark di Suvero and Michael Gerard for giving me the opportunity to work in this big open mind space. Moltes Gracies.