Site on Sight: 2 (The Door of No Return) addresses the intersection of identity, architecture, liminality, and the body through a geometric installation along the waterfront at Socrates. Site on Sight reimagines the architecture of the Door of No Return. Sited in Elmina Slave Castle in the West African country of Ghana, the Door of No Return is where innumerable Africans were held before transport to slavery in the Americas, between 1637 and 1814. Dyson’s Site on Sight remakes the Door into a form that integrates sky, ground, air, and water, allowing for an ethereal sensory experience. In interpreting and redesigning this historic space, Dyson seeks to reshape not only the physical architecture, but also the emotional narrative around this historic space. In providing a new context for this history, Site on Sight positively contributes to an updated personal relationship for the artist and the site, and their shared history.

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