From the excitement-span of bridges to the up-rush of skyscrapers, from the thunder of subways to the thousands of millions of cars rolling all over the country, all are the forms of human need in steel. To draw in the sky with color, to dream and make the dream come true, to give outreach to life-structures is to be at the roots-origins of music and sculpture. Music’s space shares something with abstract sculpture’s space, an emotion-color, as if the time of music is the space of sculpture. The dancing brilliance-by-the-water of Venice, light-on-the-water of Vivaldi, give what we want: the newness of life-joy at Socrates Sculpture Park. We can make life with harmony with each other. We can turn a garbage dump into a park. The answer is: in helping other’s imagination, the will to try to reach the vision, and the perseverance beyond negativity, despondency and depression. The power of being is ampified by a knowledge of the truth.